Nothing But Awesome Songs — A DJ Mix

I made this DJ mix a long time ago, like in 2013 maybe. I was majorly depressed during that time and I sought solace through songs like Underworld’s “You Bring Light In,” listening to it over and over again, the song’s synth “stab” stabbing me every time I heard it.

I discovered it on some DJ Mix CD I probably bought in England because this one time, in 2005, I snuck in 100 CDs I bought in England into the USA. I spent like 600 to 800 pounds on dance music singles and DJ CDs.

My friend I was visiting in England told me, “You’re going to have to go through customs and pay taxes on all this!” So I went back to Virgin Megastore and bought CD sleeves or books and left the plastic case of each CD single in an English trash bin, just saving the inserts and CDs so they could slide and hide in the CD sleeves.

One CD at a time

I discovered Mylo on my music trek to a smaller Virgin record store in Shrewsbury, England. His track “Drop the Pressure” was on the speakers and I just had to have it! I bought his full CD “Destroy Rock and Roll.” Mylo is a Scottish musician and made this album in his bedroom on his computer. I believe I read he also got his hands on some BBC news audio to sample in some of his tracks, too.


Some of these English CDs had videos on them you could upload and watch on your laptop like “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz and “Out of Touch” by Uniting Nations, both excellent remixes and videos. Of course I bought lots of strictly UK chart toppers, too.

Back in the day

Back in the day, Virgin Record stores were just the best. They used to a have a Live DJ in a booth while you were shopping! How does this compare to doing a podcast alone in your bedroom with your Pioneer DJ equipment? It doesn’t. But at least people get to “pretend” to be a DJ now.

Strictly techno

How I miss music stores. If you were a misunderstood adolescent was there any better place than a “Nobody Beats the Wiz” music store or, better yet, an independent record store full of album covers you could discover, study and look at on your own? What about that spurt in the 90s, well into the early OOs, when techno record stores were everywhere, only promoting dance records????!!!!

“Where’s your Paul Van Dyk?” you’d ask and then discover a rare 12″ dance single from Germany in the “bin” that no one has ever heard of before, but you, only in that moment.

You can thank iTunes for putting all that out to pasture. Too bad I didn’t buy
apple stock during that time! DOH!

Back to the mix

A lot of these songs give me the willies when I hear them. You just want to turn it up real loud on your headphones or on a nice pair of speakers and just zone the f’ out!

Here’s just a sampling of the artists I have on this mix; Everything But The Girl, Aphex Twin, Mylo, Hyrbid, The XX, U2, Moby, New Order.

There are some tracks I just can’t live without. “Higher State” by Bailey is one track I discovered through my DJ Pool subscription years ago and I just love to mix it and listen to it. Then there is the Temper Trap remix of their song “Sweet Disposition,” which is pretty great.

The first song is by Rawbert or Rawbbie. I met him online years ago and his tracks floored me they were so damn good. He was from Canada and all his songs are made from samples. It’s his remix of a Hybrid song. I haven’t talked to him in ten years or something, but his music is awesome, so there it is as the first track.

Check this DJ Mix out on MixCloud.

You can also check out my original EDM on SoundCloud or at Juno Download.


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