Writers Are Smart ‘Mutha Flokkas’


It’s just my opinion.

I’m a writer and that’s what I’m into, so my opinion of other writers are high. Especially when I read their books.

For example, I like “The Great Gatsby,” “Moby Dick,” “Fight Club,” and almost anything by Dennis Lehane, right now.

All smart writers. No doubt.

Get smart

A friend of mine from grad school and I sit in a cafe early in the morning on our days off and work on our fiction with our laptops a blazin’.

I’ve never partnered up with someone like this to write, but it’s powerful.

I don’t think many people I know could ever understand the power of a “buddy” system or a “mastermind” group.

Master your mind

The definition of a mastermind group is just two people and God. I once talked to an Atheist who said a mastermind group was just two people and he didn’t make mention of the God part.

In my opinion, without including God, you’re just missing out on the best part; the mysterious process it takes to becoming a better and fuller you.

Forming a mastermind group with one other person will help you focus on the things you want to do and help you forget about all the crapola that distracts you from it.

The entrepreneurs I’ve known

In the past I’ve partnered up with other people and their zany business ideas.

Basically I subjected myself to the torture of being an entrepreneur with them.

It’s lonely and depressing when you realize you have no idea how to attract the money, the customers or whatever it is you need to make your business successful.

In fact you could read blog posts all day long and learn very little about business. I’ve done it and scoured the web for “secrets” only to burn out after hours of reading BS.

Plus, don’t forget how much money you can waste on signing up for those attractive webinars you see advertised all over the internets. Yippee!

1001 things to do

I’ve done things like sales, marketing, and even waiting tables.

I’ve done all sorts of things because I couldn’t possibly “make it” doing what I wanted to do, which was being a writer or this other word I like being… an “artist.”

How wrong was I not to pursue what I wanted to do for so long?

During those times of “helping” people with their business ideas I made great friends and learned stuff, which I would not trade for anything, but nowadays, anyone who doesn’t understand that I’m an “artist” first can basically take a muther flokkin’ leap off a cliff with a giant fire waiting for them at the bottom.

I’m kidding, but you get it.

Alien Nation

Not too long ago I had a ginormous realization I’m an alien from another planet.

It took me a long time to realize this, but I finally did.

Honestly, I really wanted to fit in here, really bad, on the planet earth, but alas, there’s just no way in heck that’s ever going to happen, now.

I find it helpful sometimes to think of myself as an alien.

I want to do something with my life and I know no one will really ever understand what is I want to do except me.

It’s all on me.


Are you writing?

Over fifteen years ago I graduated from grad school and got my MFA in Creative Writing at Naropa.

Since then I’ve done 1001 things not even closely related to my field.

And during that time only one friend ever asked me, over all those wasted years:

How come you’re not writing?

What now? Meet more writers of course!

Some writer types can be a little grumpy because they’re not used to being around people, but most of them I meet are way nice and more normal than I ever could’ve imagined.

I went to many, and I mean many, writers groups locally before I found one worthwhile and worth going to every week.

It seems like once you find people who you can hang and get into it with, when it comes to writing, you rarely look back.

The obstacles in the road to finding your own “peer group” are worth overcoming in the end.


The writers life for me!

There’s always a chance this planet could distract me with something not as important as writing, but I plan to be around other writers as much as possible now, so I don’t think this will happen (Fingers crossed!).

What do you think about the writers life?

What excuses do you need to let go of to get on with your own writing?

Write about it in the comments box below if you want.

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