F*** Blog Posts

That’s f***ing crazy!

Why the f*** would you do that?

This kind of shock value never works down at the local open mike poetry reading, so why the f*** would you think it would work in a headline on a blog post?

What possible f***ing point is everyone trying to make by using the word f*** in their headlines anyway?

I want lots of people to read my f***ing blog posts too, but I don’t want the kind of f***ing attention using the word f*** in my writing draws.

It makes you looked f***ed up!

It makes you look f***ing stupid!

It’s worse than reading motivational blog posts written by some of the most un-motivating f*** all bloggers.

In the end I guess no one f***ing cares.

Well . . . at least I f***ing said something about how f***ed up this kind of f***ing s*** is.

No one should use the word f*** in their headline unless the blog post is about f***ing.

They say writing about f***ing is something lots of f***ing people want to f***ing read about.

It f***ing sells for f***s sake!

I for one will never put the word f*** in my headline just to get some f***ing attention.

No f***ing way.

I’m not f***ing around.

This is f***ed up s***.

Leave the f*** alone!

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