Scripts and TV Pilots by Evan Hundhausen

Thanks for checking out my other loglines. Currently I use storywriter.amazon.com and I’ve also used Final Draft.  I know structure and how to make a great first 10 pages.  I went to Western State University in the summer of 2017 to take classes on screenwriting from Hollywood pros like Mike Reiss, writer of “The Simpsons” and JS Mayank, working Hollywood writer, and Trai Cartwright of craftwrite.com.

Currently I’m writing  “query” letters and pitching my finished screenplays to Hollywood studios.

“Sex, Drugs and Poetry” (Booty-call Noir)


A poet from New Jersey makes friends in the red light district of Amsterdam indulging in self-destructive behavior. There he meets a woman just as crazy as him bringing her back to the states and continuing his poetic lifestyle. Think Barfly meets The Wrestler.

“Backtrack Jack”

TV Pilot m- 30 Min

A lonely man goes back in time befriending himself as a teenager to impart dating advice. Think Quantum Leap meets The Wonder Years.

“Sham Pain”

TV Pilot – 1 Hour

A female assassin disguised as an escort kills johns by poisoning them with champagne.  Think Alias meets The X-Files.

My Short Story Collection on Amazon!

A woman never eats fruit with letter p in it. A child befriends a robot who will protect her for life. An aspiring actor clones himself and ends up regretting it. An usher in Hollywood can’t stand the ugly people. A corporate executive loses his mind on the streets of midtown Manhattan. A 40 year old man dates a 21 year old girl. A cheesy pick-up artist dishes out advice on women. A lonely college student plays guitar in his dorm room.