Scripts and TV Pilots by Evan Hundhausen

“Sex, Drugs and Poetry”


A poet makes friends in the red light district of Amsterdam indulging in self-destructive behavior all for a poetic lifestyle.  Think Barfly meets The Wrestler.


“Backtrack Jack”

TV Pilot

A lonely man goes back in time befriending himself as a teenager to impart dating advice. Think Quantum Leap meets The Wonder Years.


“Sham Pain”

TV Pilot

A female assassin disguised as an escort kills johns by poisoning them with champagne.  Think Alias meets The X-Files.


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A woman never eats fruit with letter p in it. A child befriends a robot who will protect her for life. An aspiring actor clones himself and ends up regretting it. An usher in Hollywood can’t stand the ugly people. A corporate executive loses his mind on the streets of midtown Manhattan. A 40 year old man dates a 21 year old girl. A cheesy pick-up artist dishes out advice on women. A lonely college student plays guitar in his dorm room.