My Favorite Blogger

Why I Don’t Read James Altucher

I’m just kidding. I read every single word he writes.

In fact I would never unsubscribe from his newsletter because it is that valuable to me and I can’t make this claim about any other blogger I subscribe to.

Not a one.

His emails and blog posts are honest, informative and let me tell ya—they’re gosh darn entertaining!

In his newsletter he writes about business, entrepreneurship, motivation, how to improve by 1% everyday, how to write down ideas everyday and many, many more subjects that usually have a non-fiction/personal slant.

Often he talks about controversial subjects like quit your job!

He also runs a podcast you can listen to where he interviews interesting authors, entrepreneurs and people.

He believes you should choose yourself and he’s published books with this same title.

I’ll also add that every time I read one of his emails, delivered to my inbox on a weekly basis, I feel like he’s a close friend and a mentor talking just to me.

Check out the links below and go discover James Altucher for yourself!

Subscribe to his Free Newsletter.

Get his book The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth! in hardcover delivered to your door and pay only $5 shipping.

Subscribe to his Paid Newsletter for $49 and get his books and a bunch of bonuses.

Watch this video about Investing.

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