F*** Blog Posts

That’s f***ing crazy!

Why the f*** would you do that?

This kind of shock value never works down at the local open mike poetry reading, so why the f*** would you think it would work in a headline on a blog post?

What possible f***ing point is everyone trying to make by using the word f*** in their headlines anyway?

I want lots of people to read my f***ing blog posts too, but I don’t want the kind of f***ing attention using the word f*** in my writing draws.

It makes you looked f***ed up!

It makes you look f***ing stupid!

It’s worse than reading motivational blog posts written by some of the most un-motivating f*** all bloggers.

In the end I guess no one f***ing cares.

Well . . . at least I f***ing said something about how f***ed up this kind of f***ing s*** is.

No one should use the word f*** in their headline unless the blog post is about f***ing.

They say writing about f***ing is something lots of f***ing people want to f***ing read about.

It f***ing sells for f***s sake!

I for one will never put the word f*** in my headline just to get some f***ing attention.

No f***ing way.

I’m not f***ing around.

This is f***ed up s***.

Leave the f*** alone!

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7 Ways to Make Yourself Happier


The first thing I do is make an appointment with my therapist, but there are other things I do, too.

Walking around the block or going on a walk until I stop thinking works since the act of “thinking” itself is the reason I’m unhappy in the first place.


Listening to Abraham-Hicks on YouTube or in the car on a CD is pretty cool.

Buying a cheeseburger to eat helps.

Reading a book is one of the best things to do for sure, but not always easy for me to do even though I own a Kindle Fire Tablet and have the OverDrive library app installed.

Ten jumping jacks works like gangbusters if I can just get up and do it.

I sometimes play video games, but not that often because those are addictive and it waste lots of time. Movies and TV shows are a great way to zone out, but again can waste lots of time.

What I’d really like to know is why I find it so difficult to stop and take a deep breath? Meditation is hard for me to practice.

I’ve found my favorite thing to do when I’m unhappy or thinking negatively is free write about whatever’s on my m

I see how some people online like to make jokes about writing “not” being a therapeutic activity, but these people really don’t know what they’re talking about and honestly I go out of my way to avoid reading blog posts slanted in this way.

I talk more about the subject of thinking too much in my YouTube Video, “Thinking too much is stupid — Duh!”

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I played Disney songs on a plastic record player with yellow, red, orange and blue neon colors on it. It was manufactured by Fisher Price. I even played records in Kindergarten. That was what we did. We took scratched Disney records and played them. During nap time the teacher played them. My favorite was Peter and the Wolf. Hands down a masterpiece. That narrator talking funny like a woman? What was his name? Oh well. I’m too lazy to google it. During nap time the teachers or college kids or teacher aids or whatever you called people who worked in elementary school, they used to scratch our backs. It was great when that one lady did it. I was in love with her, but I was five so I never told her. Then there were other teacher aids who used their nails or were too gentle. Scratching elementary school kids backs during nap time! I’m not making this up. Then there was the time I tried fried chicken. My best friend and my brother were eating fried chicken. I didn’t. They thought I was crazy. Then I finally ate it at home one night and I never looked back. That kid that ate dirt. You just looked at him and thought, “What’s wrong with that kid? He’s eating dirt!” They’d pull you out of class for a hearing test. That hearing test was cool. It was like you were on a BBC set for that old 60s show The Prisoner.

 I would fail that test if they gave it to me now. The best part about being that age was leaving kindergarten for the day and going home to watch afternoon cartoons on stations like fox or wpix 11. That was the best; GI Joe, Transformers, Voltron. Then my brother and I would play “Crossbows and Catapults,” the game where you build a castle/fort only to knock it down with plastic crossbows and catapults. Hands down the best board game ever invented.
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Writers Are Smart ‘Mutha Flokkas’


It’s just my opinion.

I’m a writer and that’s what I’m into, so my opinion of other writers are high. Especially when I read their books.

For example, I like “The Great Gatsby,” “Moby Dick,” “Fight Club,” and almost anything by Dennis Lehane, right now.

All smart writers. No doubt.

Get smart

A friend of mine from grad school and I sit in a cafe early in the morning on our days off and work on our fiction with our laptops a blazin’.

I’ve never partnered up with someone like this to write, but it’s powerful.

I don’t think many people I know could ever understand the power of a “buddy” system or a “mastermind” group.

Master your mind

The definition of a mastermind group is just two people and God. I once talked to an Atheist who said a mastermind group was just two people and he didn’t make mention of the God part.

In my opinion, without including God, you’re just missing out on the best part; the mysterious process it takes to becoming a better and fuller you.

Forming a mastermind group with one other person will help you focus on the things you want to do and help you forget about all the crapola that distracts you from it.

The entrepreneurs I’ve known

In the past I’ve partnered up with other people and their zany business ideas.

Basically I subjected myself to the torture of being an entrepreneur with them.

It’s lonely and depressing when you realize you have no idea how to attract the money, the customers or whatever it is you need to make your business successful.

In fact you could read blog posts all day long and learn very little about business. I’ve done it and scoured the web for “secrets” only to burn out after hours of reading BS.

Plus, don’t forget how much money you can waste on signing up for those attractive webinars you see advertised all over the internets. Yippee!

1001 things to do

I’ve done things like sales, marketing, and even waiting tables.

I’ve done all sorts of things because I couldn’t possibly “make it” doing what I wanted to do, which was being a writer or this other word I like being… an “artist.”

How wrong was I not to pursue what I wanted to do for so long?

During those times of “helping” people with their business ideas I made great friends and learned stuff, which I would not trade for anything, but nowadays, anyone who doesn’t understand that I’m an “artist” first can basically take a muther flokkin’ leap off a cliff with a giant fire waiting for them at the bottom.

I’m kidding, but you get it.

Alien Nation

Not too long ago I had a ginormous realization I’m an alien from another planet.

It took me a long time to realize this, but I finally did.

Honestly, I really wanted to fit in here, really bad, on the planet earth, but alas, there’s just no way in heck that’s ever going to happen, now.

I find it helpful sometimes to think of myself as an alien.

I want to do something with my life and I know no one will really ever understand what is I want to do except me.

It’s all on me.


Are you writing?

Over fifteen years ago I graduated from grad school and got my MFA in Creative Writing at Naropa.

Since then I’ve done 1001 things not even closely related to my field.

And during that time only one friend ever asked me, over all those wasted years:

How come you’re not writing?

What now? Meet more writers of course!

Some writer types can be a little grumpy because they’re not used to being around people, but most of them I meet are way nice and more normal than I ever could’ve imagined.

I went to many, and I mean many, writers groups locally before I found one worthwhile and worth going to every week.

It seems like once you find people who you can hang and get into it with, when it comes to writing, you rarely look back.

The obstacles in the road to finding your own “peer group” are worth overcoming in the end.


The writers life for me!

There’s always a chance this planet could distract me with something not as important as writing, but I plan to be around other writers as much as possible now, so I don’t think this will happen (Fingers crossed!).

What do you think about the writers life?

What excuses do you need to let go of to get on with your own writing?

Write about it in the comments box below if you want.

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Brunch with Cyndi Lauper

When I was a child my parents took my brother and I to a swanky hotel in Brooklyn for brunch on a Sunday. My mom said “She looks like Cyndi Lauper.” I turned and looked and said out loud “It is Cyndi Lauper!” as she walked down the buffet line. Meanwhile people had brought Cyndi Lauper records into the hotel restaurant with them to get them signed. My brother was brave enough to get her autograph for himself and for me on hotel brochures. I was scared out of my mind and sat at the table and didn’t budge. The brochure said “XXO Fun 2 U 2.” My dad had it framed later and sent it to me for my birthday once when I was in my 30s living in Boulder Town. May dad is cool like that. I’m almost certain the front cover of the album “True Colors” was taken at this old hotel we were having brunch at. The timing was right for it at least.

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Make a Better Blog Post or Make a Blog Post Better!?!

I learned to write stories from my mother. She would write down what I said on top of cartoons I drew when I was just four years old.

Already at that young age, I wanted to be a cartoonist and went to classes on weekends at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY to learn how to draw from college students who taught classes. Again, I was only four!

In one class, I drew an astronaut helmet with a face in pastels.

“What’s the name of that thing?” I asked one of the college students watching us children during the class.

She couldn’t figure out what I was talking about. I wanted to spell NASA on top of the helmet, but I couldn’t think of the word, so I put another word on the helmet like “SPACE” or something along those lines. I’m sure it didn’t do the drawing justice, though, and I wish I could’ve remembered the proper term, “NASA,” instead.

That was me at four making cartoons.

Home is where the writing is

When at home, my mother would ask me questions about what I was drawing on the paper at the kitchen table.

“Spiderman is buying his wife a fur coat,” I said drawing this with crayons and colored pencils.

Then she would write what I said down on the picture for me with a felt-tip pen. She was helping me make comics, basically.

My mother would also try to teach me things when she had my attention like she did. She would say something like, “A.E.I.O.U. and sometimes Y.” or “I before E, except after C.”

Teaching me things would always go horribly wrong. I didn’t want to learn “stuff” at 4 years old from my mother at home and I remember getting very upset when she did that.


Cartooning vs. Writing

Later on in my childhood I won a contest in the 6th grade.

The assignment was to write a letter to “future students.” The best ones were to be put in a time capsule to be buried on the school grounds of the Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn Heights, NY and not to be opened until well after the year 2000.

I was chosen to read my letter in front of the whole school, on stage, in the auditorium before it was put into the time capsule with winners from other grades.

It was a hint of things to come and I kept writing stories throughout my elementary, high school and college days. Then I put in some serious, hardcore, mad skill work getting my postgraduate degree, a MFA in Creative Writing at Naropa University.

When it comes to cartooning, now, I’ve been known to draw awful pix-elated designs in Microsoft Paint, like the header picture of a lightening bolt. At least my friend tells me they’re awful. He owns all the Adobe software and is a bit of a design snob, but he’s taught me a thing so maybe soon we’ll both learn how to draw better cartoons.

Blog Post? Done!

What I’ve been doing up to this point is telling you a personal story.

What’s the significance of doing that? What does it have to do with making a better blog post?

Well, it has a lot to do with it.

A personal story

Personal stories are powerful, emotional and really interest people because all of a sudden they can relate to you in your writing. You might as well “spill it” if you want people to read your blog posts.

When reading popular bloggers you’ll see that the best ones do this like James Altucher for example.

Sometimes it’s scary, but you can edit your blog post before you hit “publish” on Medium, so take advantage of that “space” to think about what you want to say on the “internets.”


The challenge is getting words down on the page… period

How do you vomit up words? Do you stick your finger down your throat? I write for magazines and the only way I can ever write an article is to just start typing words. Eventually, I’ll have 500–1500 words and my article will be practically done. But if I just stare at the screen and don’t type, no stories will be coming — that’s for sure!

Don’t forget to proofread your work

In a sense, my own mother was my first editor, but as I’ve continued to learn to write I’ve realized there is never a good story or blog post without editing.

You can’t get away from it. In fact, if you plan to be a serious writer be sure to get used to remembering the word edit.

Haven’t you ever heard about the screenwriter who writes a story and by the time all the producers and actors look at it, it’s no longer what the screenwriter originally wrote?

It sounds unfair, but that is the editing process and it is why most people will tell you to write a book first instead of a screenplay, because if it becomes a movie you won’t recognize the original story you wrote in the first place. Just look up Steven King to find out about that.

I’m editing this post right now…

This blog post I’m writing right now will probably get edited two dozen times before I hit the publish button on Medium. I showed it to my weekly writers group, then a complete stranger in a cafe. You name it, I did it, just to make this post the best that it can be.

You really need to get used to this idea of editing if you want to be any good at this thing called writing.

First draft? Don’t worry about it!

Honestly you should try very hard not to worry about writing your first draft because you’re not going to show that one to anyone anyway. Maybe your fifth or sixth and etc. But not your first, dig?

It’s kind of confusing because I’m telling you to free write and not worry about it in the beginning, but after you have the pages written, that’s when the work comes and you will edit to make the blog post well written!

Click Here.

You can do it!

These thoughts should give you a clearer idea on how much work it takes to tell a good story or to just write a short, readable blog post.

It’s a tough business, no doubt. You could join a writers group and humble yourself listening to their feedback on your work. Some people can’t possibly imagine letting a stranger read their writing and critique it, but that separates the professionals from the amateurs.

So get over it and make your blog post better!

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Nothing But Awesome Songs — A DJ Mix

I made this DJ mix a long time ago, like in 2013 maybe. I was majorly depressed during that time and I sought solace through songs like Underworld’s “You Bring Light In,” listening to it over and over again, the song’s synth “stab” stabbing me every time I heard it.

I discovered it on some DJ Mix CD I probably bought in England because this one time, in 2005, I snuck in 100 CDs I bought in England into the USA. I spent like 600 to 800 pounds on dance music singles and DJ CDs.

My friend I was visiting in England told me, “You’re going to have to go through customs and pay taxes on all this!” So I went back to Virgin Megastore and bought CD sleeves or books and left the plastic case of each CD single in an English trash bin, just saving the inserts and CDs so they could slide and hide in the CD sleeves.

One CD at a time

I discovered Mylo on my music trek to a smaller Virgin record store in Shrewsbury, England. His track “Drop the Pressure” was on the speakers and I just had to have it! I bought his full CD “Destroy Rock and Roll.” Mylo is a Scottish musician and made this album in his bedroom on his computer. I believe I read he also got his hands on some BBC news audio to sample in some of his tracks, too.


Some of these English CDs had videos on them you could upload and watch on your laptop like “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz and “Out of Touch” by Uniting Nations, both excellent remixes and videos. Of course I bought lots of strictly UK chart toppers, too.

Back in the day

Back in the day, Virgin Record stores were just the best. They used to a have a Live DJ in a booth while you were shopping! How does this compare to doing a podcast alone in your bedroom with your Pioneer DJ equipment? It doesn’t. But at least people get to “pretend” to be a DJ now.

Strictly techno

How I miss music stores. If you were a misunderstood adolescent was there any better place than a “Nobody Beats the Wiz” music store or, better yet, an independent record store full of album covers you could discover, study and look at on your own? What about that spurt in the 90s, well into the early OOs, when techno record stores were everywhere, only promoting dance records????!!!!

“Where’s your Paul Van Dyk?” you’d ask and then discover a rare 12″ dance single from Germany in the “bin” that no one has ever heard of before, but you, only in that moment.

You can thank iTunes for putting all that out to pasture. Too bad I didn’t buy
apple stock during that time! DOH!

Back to the mix

A lot of these songs give me the willies when I hear them. You just want to turn it up real loud on your headphones or on a nice pair of speakers and just zone the f’ out!

Here’s just a sampling of the artists I have on this mix; Everything But The Girl, Aphex Twin, Mylo, Hyrbid, The XX, U2, Moby, New Order.

There are some tracks I just can’t live without. “Higher State” by Bailey is one track I discovered through my DJ Pool subscription years ago and I just love to mix it and listen to it. Then there is the Temper Trap remix of their song “Sweet Disposition,” which is pretty great.

The first song is by Rawbert or Rawbbie. I met him online years ago and his tracks floored me they were so damn good. He was from Canada and all his songs are made from samples. It’s his remix of a Hybrid song. I haven’t talked to him in ten years or something, but his music is awesome, so there it is as the first track.

Check this DJ Mix out on MixCloud.

You can also check out my original EDM on SoundCloud or at Juno Download.

I Lost My Wallet Tonight

I drove straight home to get on my computer and call on Skype all the 24 hour bank and credit card places to tell them to cancel my cards.

I hated myself, my life, and I just wanted to blame others.

You see this week was my “birthday week,” so how could anything possibly bad happen the week of your birthday, right?!

In the past I used to get mad at those robot recordings barking orders at me and not hearing what I was saying and then I’d turn around and get mad at those snarky operators who are just doing their job on the night shift as a customer service representative.

I can tell you I didn’t react like that tonight. I’m just so damn mature in my old age.

The part I hate most about losing something like a wallet is spending time looking for it. Like just how much time are you supposed to spend going through your car with a flashlight into every crevice in hopes you’ll find it?

That wallet in my hand is now lost!

I’m usually quick to accept my fate when I lose a wallet and quickly go over in my mind how I will spend tomorrow getting a new drivers license at the DMV, a new health insurance card, and even a new social security card because I had that in my wallet as well.

Then there are the cra-cra things that go through my mind.

Will someone use my credit card before I report it lost? This has never happened to me, but it comes up as one of those scary possibilities.

Will some master criminal find my wallet lying on the streets of Denver and steal my identity? My imagination is just so vivid.

Will someone look me up online and contact me saying they found my wallet? That’s what happened to me the last time I lost a wallet.

I was jogging and I ran away from some crazy lady on the sidewalk next to me. It was snowing and my wallet fell out of my coat pocket.

Then guess who contacted me about my lost wallet? The same lady!

I went to her house and the weird part was my judgement about her was eerily on the mark. She lived in a “home” with other people who had mental problems.

I gave her 20 dollars for her troubles and never talked to her again, but the whole experience renewed my faith in humanity.

For me to wait for someone to call me about my wallet tonight is not an option. That would be a really dumb thing to do.

I take care of business and take care of myself because I don’t see anyone else offering to call the bank and credit card places to cancel.

One of my old therapists I had tried to explain to me once that there are “up and downs,” constantly, every day, every week and you have to rate them on how important they are. Is this a 4? Or a 10? 10 meaning I should lose my cool completely and 4 not so much!

I really don’t know how to laugh things off. I am capable of feeling grateful when things aren’t as bad as they seem, but laughing things off? Saying “That’s just life! Haha!” That’s just not how I do things personally. I really wish I could, but usually I’m all in a huff until I figure out the next best step to take.

Tonight the solution was driving home and getting on the horn to cancel my cards. I have a night job delivering and I just turned my car around and went home without finishing. It was depressing because this is the second time this week I have not finished my deliveries.

Earlier in the week I ran over something and my car made a loud noise. I drove it home, noise and all, and brought it to an auto shop conveniently across the street from my home (Gratitude!).

The mechanic the next day said everything was okay but he also said, “Your car is so weighted down you could damage your shocks and struts,” meaning the magazines I’d not delivered yet are weighing my car down so much that it’s this close to looking like a “Vine” or a “Russian Fail Compilation” on YouTube.

So yeah, I am very upset tonight that I haven’t finished my job due to these complications.

I am grateful I’m not one of these negative “for real” types who reference Murphy’s Law when something goes wrong. It seems defeatist to bring that up in my opinion.

Instead I told myself that I’ve learned two things; get a wallet chain or a jacket with a zipper pocket and don’t drive when your car is so weighted down that if you run over something it will screw up the bottom of it.

That’s about all I can say about this birthday week from hell.

This experience does make me feel “alive” though, which is hard to admit because I know I said to myself earlier tonight, “I wish I was dead” and I think the reason I say things like that is not because I want to kill myself, I just want my problems to go away! Maybe I should just say that next time instead of referencing death?

I’m only human and now I can just look up that 80s song with the same title and listen to that. There’s the link above so you can listen, too.

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The X-Files Episode One: A Play by Play of Mulder and Scully in Love!


The X-Files Episode One: A Play by Play of Mulder and Scully in Love!

How many times did Mulder and Scully fall for each other in the very first episode back in ’92?

Recently I watched the pilot, season 1, episode 1,of the X-Files on Amazon, since it was free to watch, and after watching it more than once I observed how Fox Mulder and Dana Scully continually fall for each other throughout the episode. I described, as well as calculated, every magical moment they had in the 1st episode for your Valentine’s Day, geek-out, pleasure!

Moment 1 @ 4:00

When Scully is told by Section Chief Scott Blevins she’ll be working with Agent Mulder she already knows all about him! She says coyly, like a shy schoolgirl, “He had a nickname at the academy… um… Spooky Mulder.”

Moment 2 @ 5:50

Mulder compliments Scully impressed by her thesis work. He’s read up on Scully as well.

M : “Einstein’s Twin Paradox, A New Interpretation, Dana Scully Senior Thesis– Now that’s a credential. Rewriting Einstein.”

Moment 3 @ 15:49

Mulder says, “I’m not crazy, Scully. I have the same doubts as you do.” Watch Mulder empathize with Scully as she stands there dressed in light blue lab techicians garb, latex gloves and glasses. Boom-chikka-wah-wah!

Moment 4 @ 26:06

This is one of the best moments for sure… you get to see Gillian Anderson in her skivvies! Scully, in a red robe, goes over to Mulder’s hotel room. Mulder’s holding a candle because the power’s gone out. She takes off her robe and has him look at marks on her back that turn out to be mosquito bites. She hugs Mulder because she thought an alien had implanted something in her lower back!

M: “Are you okay?”

S: “Yes.”

M: “You’re shaking.”

S: “I need to sit down.”

M: “Take your time.”

And then they have a sleep over party where Mulder reveals to Scully why he’s an X-filer. Mainly, because his sister was abducted by aliens!

S: “You’ve got to trust me. I’m here just like you to solve this.”

M: “Nothing else matters to me and this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to it!”

Why the heck didn’t they make out in this moment? How repressing!

Moment 5 @ 35:48

This scene takes place in the rain in a graveyard. How romantic! Mulder says, “You think I’m crazy…” Then Scully launches into a thorough synopsis of Mulder’s fantastic theory and then laughs at him. They both stand there laughing in the rain and it’s love! Then in typical Mulder swagger Fox says, “Come on, let’s get out of here.” Scully says, “Where are we going?” Mulder replies, “We’re going to pay a visit to Billy Myles.”

Moment 6 @ 38:26

In this scene Fox Mulder does what every caring partner does. He shows he cares about Scully’s career.

M: “Alright, but I just want you to understand what it is you’re saying.”

S: “You said it yourself.”

M: “Yeah, but you have to write it down in your report.”

S: “You’re right…”

Moment 7 @ 41:48

S: “There was a light!”

M: “It was incredible!”

And they look into each other’s eyes.

Moment 8 @ 45:55

Mulder calls Scully late at night while she’s lying awake in bed. “Scully, it’s me. I haven’t been able to sleep.” He needs to talk to her and she says they will tomorrow. Any other woman would have told him to lose this number, but Scully cares! She hangs up the phone and continues to lie there awake. Is she thinking about the X-files or Fox Spooky Mulder who’s just entered her life for-basically-ever thanks to this awesome TV show about repressed FBI agents!

Mulder One Liners

Below are some great one liners from Mulder in episode one. You know you want to read ’em!

“Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI’s most unwanted!”

“That’s why they put the I in FBI!”

“Steven Spielberg!” (When Scully asks who is it at her hotel room door.)

S: “Do you have a theory?”

M: “I have plenty of theories.”

The X Files: Complete Seasons 1-9 [Blu-ray]

X-Files I Want To Believe Aliens UFO T Shirt & Exclusive Stickers (Large)

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I Wear a Man Purse. It’s for my Tablet.

I’ve tried to ignore it, but I can’t anymore . . . I’ve been wearing a man purse!

I own a bag with a bunch of smiley faces on it and on the front of the bag it says SmileTrain. Inside the SmileTrain bag is my tablet, a pair of headphones, and maybe some DVDs from the library I checked out, but not much else, really.

Then I started using the bag as a purse.

Everybody knows the joke from the movie The Hangover with Zach Galifianakis.

Oh, I’d say to myself. Did I just buy a chocolate bar I need to save for later?

And I would think how convenient it was to have my SmileTrain bag in that moment.

Then there was the time I spilled coffee on my T-shirt in public and went to the bathroom to take that shirt off and button up my button up . . . that was convenient too.

Tonight there’s snow outside and I sit in this coffeehouse listening to renditions of the most popular Lorde song sung by two young bearded guys with glasses and winter caps, a duo called Stone Heart, with a thumpy drum, an electric guitar, and a microphone and of course my feet are wet because I didn’t wear my galoshes and instead I’m in my Walmart brand sneakers so I take my socks off and it’s in this moment I realize when I place my folded up elastic socks inside my SmileTrain bag . . . I wear a man purse!

Should I get rid of it?

Why on earth would I do that? My positivity coach gave it to me! Do you understand? My positivity coach gave me a bag which says SmileTrain on it!

But what I really want to know is are teenagers going to make fun of me when they see me walking down the street?

These are the consequences I must face.

Have you ever asked a girl if she would carry something for you? Every male has done this to a woman because if it wasn’t your girlfriend it was with your mother, grandmother, sister or aunt.

By the way, in any zombie apocalypse the person who owns a purse carries the ammo and that’s a very important position.

A bag is very useful, you see.

But If anyone ever asks I’ll just say, It’s for my Tablet.

If you need a bag that fits your tablet check out my design.

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