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Are you a Writer? Then the Sony ICD-PX440 Stereo IC Digital Voice Recorder with Direct USB is a great new Gadget to add to your tool belt!

I once read a book called Million Dollar Productivity by Kevin J. Anderson.  He writes lots of fiction books every single year and one of the reasons why he is so productive is because he goes hiking in the woods with a recording device that he talks his fiction chapters into.

It’s an interesting concept and was really a foreign one to me until I actually tried it out for myself.

I had to get used to talking into the recorder, but now that I have I can see just how valuable it is to have this device on me when ideas for my fiction are running through my head and I need to get them down immediately before I forget them!

I’ve used the Sony recorder to interview people for articles I’ve written for magazines, but more importantly I like it for capturing ideas for stories when I’m out and about and in the car.

Also, when you have the window down and the wind is blowing it doesn’t affect it and captures your voice clearly!

There is a USB drive so you can stick the recorder easily into your laptop to transcribe, upload, or email the audio to somebody.

It has an easy stop/start/pause record button where you don’t have to think about it much, which I think is important for something like this.

PLUS! I’ve dropped it multiple times and it never breaks and just keeps on recording!

It works in loud places, too, which I would say is the best thing because I’ve found myself in many different spaces that might not be conducive for interviews. If I didn’t have a device like the Sony ICD recorder in those spots I’d be screwed!

You might have to spend some time getting used to talking into it, but once you do it works great for capturing new story ideas or even long pieces you speak into it.

It’s totally worth the investment and a great addition to your arsenal for creating new works of writing.

It uses AAA batteries, but has like 40+ hours of life, which is more than enough to record stuff.

On Amazon it’s around $67 bucks.

A really cool gadget, honestly, and a great addition to your arsenal of tools for enhancing your writing career!

I will probably buy a second one in the future just so I’ll have a backup.

You can buy one at the affiliate link below.

You won’t regret it!