Teaching and Lecturing

The Following are Subjects I’m Qualified to Speak on …


I received my MFA from Naropa University in 2001 and got my degree concentrating in Fiction.

Fiction Writer

My specialty is dialogue.  See my book written about dialogue here.

I like to write in first person.  Check out my short story collection here.

Freelance Journalism

I have worked extensively writing articles for marijuana magazines and other publications.  I know all about queries, pitching ideas to publications over email, structure and how to generate ideas.


I have interviewed many people from celebrities to senators and district attorneys.  I know how to record interviews over Skype and own a digital device for face to face interviews.  I know how to write Q&A’s and how to use statements and quotes for written articles.


I have written my own blog posts and have worked for the blogging site herb.co.  There I learned the ins and outs of blog structure and virtual office communication through the platforms “Slack” and WordPress.


I am self-published on Amazon and know the ins and outs extensively.  DIY cover creation in MS Word, formatting e-books, making print and audio books with CreateSpace and ACX.

Book Marketing and Social Media

I’ve learned ad copy and gorilla marketing techniques on social media like Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN to promote my writing like blog posts and my books.   I know how to build Facebook business pages and promote them like “scheduling them in advance.”  I’ve also managed “group” pages of other organizations.  Currently I’m taking a course called “Mark Dawson’s Ads for Authors” which covers advertising self-published books.

E-Mail Marketing

Currently I use MailChimp and I’m building an email list and promoting my blog posts and writing through it.  I know the nuts and bolts on this topic to introduce beginners.  I know ad copy and gorilla marketing techniques to “sell” to people.


Currently I use storywriter.amazon.com and I’ve also used Final Draft.  I know structure and how to make a great first 10 pages.  I went to Western State University in the summer of 2017 to take classes on screenwriting from Hollywood pros like Mike Reiss, writer of “The Simpsons” and other animated movies, JS Mayank, working Hollywood writer, and Trai Cartwright of craftwrite.com.

Currently I’m writing  “query” letters and pitching my finished screenplays to Hollywood studios.

DJ – EDM Music Production

I make my own music at djcola.bandcamp.com

I’ve also written a book about it too.  Click here to see it.

I’ve interviewed many DJs and written about music.

I’m an experienced DJ and once had a three year long residency at a popular club and bar.